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Building Demolition Specifications

There Only One Way to Guarantee Quality

Murray Demolition values building demolition specifications. We understand that without proper follow through on specifications the quality of our work will be compromised. And when standards are compromised we are putting a lot of people at risk of fatal accidents. With this in mind we are cognizant of the need to preserve your name within the community.

As demolition experts we adhere to building demolition specs as required by different authorities at federal, state and local level. This is a critical part of our process. We work to make it clear so that you understand your role and our teams have the finest details of what’s expected of them when they get on site.

Without this coordination the project unravels and becomes unmanageable.

The Murray Demolition Process

At the initiation of the project we sit down to outline the scope of our work. We don’t want to begin a project unprepared. Having the correct information enables us to create a detailed schedule and a cost-efficient budget.

The following questions will provide a guideline for coming up with the building demolition specifications:

  • Does your building need to be removed in whole or part?
  • Are we going to be in charge of the whole project or you have other contractors who will offer different services?
  • If there are multiple contractors which service do you want Murray Demolition to provide?

When we have answered these questions we begin to have a clearer picture and we can draw up a detailed plan with required building demolition specifications. This is the plan that will be submitted to the engineer in the local authority.   The plan will show how we plan to dismantle the building structure and the sequence we will follow in doing so. It also delves into our preparedness to meet the authorities’ environmental requirements.

Our building demolition specifications will also highlight the following:

Building Demolition process
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  1. The type of equipment and its positioning.
  2. The scope of the work area describing access roads, site area roads, work platforms.
  3. The methodology and sequence of the demolition process.
  4. Protection of the public and the environment
  5. How site restoration will be carried out and the timelines for said restoration

When the work is completed there is a check by a registered engineer to certify that we were faithful to the building demolition specifications we outlined in our submission. We will also describe the quantity of the waste that will be recycled and where we have placed it. We will get the required permits and licenses from the authorities.

The building demolition specifications are a promise that we will deliver quality work. They lay bare our technical abilities and our capacity to handle a project. If we fall short in this area it means that we will not deliver on the guarantee of safety and quality work.

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