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Here’s What Happens During Explosive Demolition

Explosive demolition is the way to go for your large structures

Wrecking skyscrapers entails explosive demolition. Large structures cannot be left to seldgehammers or wrecking balls considering the massive job that needs to be done. The said technique is more important if the building to be taken down is surrounded by other buildings. This is what Murray Demolition does best.

We are a team of demolition experts who tear down buildings and other structures armed with skills, training, machinery, and technology. We have helped property owners save a lot of money with the full range of services we offer. We do the job with precision and perfection in mind to get the best results possible.

Full Service Demolition

Explosive Demolition works
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No task is too big for Murray Demolition. If you’re about to have an explosive building demolition project, let our team of professionals handle the job. We will collapse your structure and turn it into rubbles. We will do everything for you – from securing the necessary permits to cleaning up the mess, we got you covered.

The entire process begins with surveying the area to be demolished. Once done, safety measures are employed for the protection of all. There will then be a preparatory dismantling of some parts of the structure to optimize the process. This also includes elimination of hazardous materials. Explosives are installed, after which the actual implosion follows. Lastly, the debris is handled which includes the recycling of materials.

Building and Structural Survey

Inspecting the building and its structural makeup is necessary to know what we’re dealing with. This entails knowing the materials used, its usage, presence of hazardous materials, traffic conditions in the area, and the sensitivity of the neighborhood to what’s about to take place.

Safety and Preparatory Measures

The security and protection of those in and around the area up for explosive demolition is of extreme importance. Any hazardous substances should be dealt with first before anything is undertaken. All potential danger is eliminated. Appropriate measures are also employed to curb any sort of problem.

Actual Implosion

The structure’s columns, slabs, and beams are laden with explosives. The idea is to remove the support so the building collapses into shambles. Once the explosives are detonated, everything comes falling into its own footprint.


After the explosive building demolition is finished, there will be materials that may still be reused. All these will be recycled. Proper waste management and disposal will be employed.

Murray Demolition at Your Service

Your skyscrapers and large structures need explosives demolition, and Murray Demolition can begin and finish the job with much efficiency. Our years of outstanding service in the community speak of our dependability to deliver what our clients more than expected. We will give value to your time and money. Clearly, we are the best choice in the industry.

Our team will take care of you, your property, the people on site and those who are around the perimeter.

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