Commercial Demolition in Canada

Commercial demolition that is safe, proper, and precise

Commercial demolition is no easy task as commercial properties are often built in the middle of the city and are designed to last a long time. Murray Demolition is an expert in tearing down structures in tight spaces like an office building in the central business district. Murray Demolition uses precision tools and equipment for commercial demolition with minimal impact to the surrounding area.

Murray Demolition is one of the top commercial demolition companies and is committed to using its expertise in demolishing obtrusive structures that could be a hazard to the community.

Commercial demolition is a Tough Job, But Not for Murray Demolition! 

We take pride in the wide range of commercial demolition services that we offer, such as:

  • Precision removal. Murray Demolition does not use imprecise tools like wrecking balls and explosives to tear down a commercial building. We use the latest equipment to remove buildings with a high level of precision. Excavators are more efficient than wrecking balls as it removes the tallest structures without damaging the nearby buildings. Aside from excavators, we use breakers and hammers to break concrete and other tough building materials.
  • Dust control. Commercial demolition will result in a large quantity of dust that could inflict respiratory problems. It will be a huge nuisance if dust flies all over the area; thus, Murray Demolition controls the dust to prevent this. Murray Demolition uses a wide array of techniques to control dust such as using protective gears and equipment, using wetting agents to contain dust, as well as wrapping the building in an airtight enclosure.
  • Low construction debris. Demolition jobs produce tons of waste and 40 percent of this goes to the landfill. Murray Demolition takes construction debris seriously and we aim to lessen it by salvaging construction materials and the owner can decide whether they will sell or reuse the said materials. Meanwhile, we also sort, recycle, and reuse other materials to prevent them from being dumped in the landfill.
  • Protect the environment. Murray Demolition values the environment and we strive to do our best to minimize our footprint. We constantly evaluate ourselves to minimize the impact of our demolition projects to the environment. This will also help us and our clients lower the environmental and economic costs.

Safety Must Come First!

Murray Demolition prioritizes safety more than anything else. As part of our commitment, our crew is composed of highly-skilled operators that maintain strict health and safety policies and procedures on the site. Moreover, they strictly follow stringent rules and regulations in performing their jobs.

For Murray Demolition, there is no small or big project. Whether it is an old grocery store or an unusable warehouse, we commit to finishing the project by the prescribed deadline while prioritizing safety. If you choose Murray Demolition, your project is in capable hands. Call us at 312-410-8314 to know more about the services we offer!