Demolition and Hauling Services in Chicago

Do you have a demolition project that you need to get underway as soon as possible?

Are you worried about the aftermath?

Every demolition job leaves rubble and debris behind. You don’t want to be left with all of that to clear up after the demolition work is done.

You need a contractor that sees the job through from beginning to end.

That’s where our demolition and hauling services can help you. At Murray Demolition, we conduct safe demolition work and then get rid of everything that’s left behind. This means you can get straight to work on doing whatever you want to do with your land.

Our Demolition Service

We offer a variety of demolition services, including:

  • Controlled demolition
  • Residential demolition
  • Commercial demolition
  • Pool demolition
  • Internal demolition

Each demolition job offers its own challenges, so we always send a technician out to discuss your options with you. We’ll go through the methods you can use and help you to understand the processes behind the demolition work. We’ll also conduct a thorough examination of the demolition site to ensure there are no issues that could prevent us from completing the work safely.

After your initial consultation, we’ll take all of the hard work out of your hands. We consider everything from the materials used in the structure that you need demolished, through to any permissions you need from local and state authorities.

With everything in place, our demolition team carries out the work. We secure the site, ensure everybody understands the safety protocols to follow, and carry out the work as efficiently as possible. After all, the quicker we can do the work, the more money that you save.

Our Hauling Service

Demolition work creates a lot of waste. There’s often tons of rubble left behind that can make your site look like a war zone. You can’t get to work on any new projects while that rubble is there.

You also need a hauling service to get the site ready again. We provide both construction and demolition waste services to ensure you’re not left to deal with huge amounts of rubble following the demolition job.

Our team provides everything needed to get the site cleaned up. From the equipment needed to clean up the mess through to the dumpsters that will carry it away from the site, we have you covered.

Our hauling service has just as much of a focus on safety as our demolition services. The Murray Demolition team inspects the site and helps you to find the best hauling methods to suit your budget.

That’s not all. Our hauling service doesn’t only come as part of our demolition service. We’re here to help you if another demolitions contractor has left rubble on site that you can’t clean up. We handle all levels of hauling work, from furniture and environmental waste through to garbage and construction waste removal.

The team at Murray Demolition is here to help if you need demolition and hauling services. Get in touch today and one of our friendly advisors will help you to find the perfect service for your needs.