Hire a Quality Concrete Demolition Contractor in Chicago

Concrete is used in the construction of so many things. From buildings to pools, it’s a key component that ensures structures maintain their rigidity. Of course, it’s those very same properties that make it difficult to demolish later on.

If you need to demolish concrete, you need a great concrete demolition company to do the job for you.

At Murray Demolition, we have a team of concrete demolition contractors that understand the properties of the material and the intricacies of demolition work.

What is Concrete?

Concrete is a general material that engineers and builders use in all manner of projects. It has very similar properties to rock, but it’s a man-made material. This lends construction crews much more control over it.

Typically, concrete is made using a blend of crushed rock or gravel with natural sand. Builders bind the particles of these natural materials together with water to create a concrete mass that’s used in the construction of structures.

Concrete is the most used material on the planet, with the exception of water. As a result, you’ll almost always need a concrete demolition contractor if you have a structure that you need to demolish.

When Will You Need to Demolish Concrete?

Typically, you’ll demolish concrete as part of a development project. For example, you may need to get rid of old roads or buildings to make way for new structures.

However, there are several issues that may force you to demolish concrete. The material may crack under extreme stress, which compromises the structural integrity of whatever it’s used in. In some cases, repair work isn’t possible and destruction becomes necessary.

Frost heave is also a major problem, especially when combined with cracked concrete. This occurs when water seeps into cracks or underneath the concrete and then freezes. This can push the concrete out of position, which again can lead to you needing a concrete demolition contractor.

Our Services

There are several methods that we can use to demolish concrete. These include:

  • Controlled implosions, which are most useful when demolishing large buildings and structures that use a lot of concrete.
  • Hydrodemolition, which involves the use of high-powered water guns and tools to cut through the concrete.
  • Dismantling, which is one of the most common concrete demolition techniques. Typically, this involves the use of cutting tools, cranes and other heavy machinery to slice through the concrete.
  • Pressure bursting, which is a technique that requires us to drill holes into the concrete. We then fill these holes with a special material that expands to create cracks in the concrete. This aids in the later demolition.

When you work with us, we’ll send a technician to your site to examine the project and discuss your options. We’ll then provide a quote, deal with any regulatory issues surrounding the project, and complete the demolition using the method of your choosing. We’re also concrete removal contractors, so we’ll handle the debris that comes from the demolition work.

Don’t spend your time talking to loads of concrete demolition companies in Chicago. Murray Demolition has the team and the tools to do the job. Call us today to speak to one of our advisors.