Murray Demolition’s Commercial Demolition Costs

Do you own commercial premises that you don’t have a use for anymore?

Perhaps the building has become contaminated and you need to knock it down?

Or, maybe you want to renovate the entire building so you can attract new commercial tenants.

If you fall into any of those categories, our commercial demolition services may be for you.

Murray Demolition offers commercial demolition services throughout Chicago. Drawing upon many years of experience, our technicians can quickly figure out the scale and complexities related to your commercial job, which allows us to provide consistent and accurate commercial demolition costs.

The Types of Commercial Demolition

Typically, commercial demolition falls into one of two camps.

Complete Demolition: This type of demolition leaves nothing of the building standing. The entire structure gets pulled down, leaving you with empty land that you can do something new with. Usually, this type of demolition uses controlled explosives to create an implosion. However, there are several more manual methods, such as concrete cutting and wrecking balls that we can also use. In some cases, we’ll need to use a combination of different methods to achieve complete demolition.

Customers typically require this type of demolition for buildings that no longer meet building codes, or when they want to build a new structure on the space.

Partial or Interior Demolition: This is a complex form of demolition that involves maintaining a commercial property’s main structure while demolishing its interior. The extent of the work depends on what the client wants from the building. It could be as simple as demolishing a couple of walls to make an office larger. Or it could be as complex as completely stripping every floor of the building so that it’s ready for a drastic redesign. It’s usually a manual process and it can often be done while the rest of the building is still in use.

Customers who ask for this type of commercial demolition usually want to repurpose their buildings, rather than get rid of them entirely.

Our Process

Regardless of the type of commercial demolition you choose, our overall process remains the same.

We send out a technician to inspect the property and discuss your specific requirements. With that information to hand, we formulate a plan of action and provide a quote for your industrial demolition costs.

Should you choose to work with us, we then take all of the hard work off your shoulders. We’ll help you to secure relevant permits and provide both the team and equipment needed to get the job done. We also offer a hauling service that gets rid of the waste that the work produces. Plus, our team has the training to deal with the environmental hazards that can crop up when demolishing a building.

Our Rates

Our commercial demolition cost per square foot varies depending on the size of the project:

Small projects – Between $14 and $17 per square foot.

Large projects – Between $4 and $8 per square foot.

The Murray Demolition team is here to help if you need any more information. Get in touch today to talk to us about your commercial demolition project.