Our Above Ground and Inground Pool Demolition Services

There are all sorts of reasons why you may want to remove a swimming pool.

You may no longer use it, which means you’re spending time and money maintaining something that you don’t want anymore. The pool may also take up space in the yard that you could use for something else. Or, the cost of insuring or repairing it may be higher than you want it to be.

Whatever the case may be, we can help you with swimming pool removal.

At Murray Demolition, we offer a pool demolition service that covers both above ground and inground pools.

Above Ground Swimming Pool Demolition

Our above ground service is much simpler than our inground service. This is because above ground pools don’t typically have foundations, plus they often use materials that make the demolition work easier.

We’ll arrive on the site to discuss your requirements with you and take note of any complications that may affect the work. After providing a quote and agreeing on the techniques we’ll use, we get to work.

Our team plans and carries out the demolition for you. There are no third parties involved. When you hire Murray Demolition, you get Murray Demolition.

Upon completion of the demolition work, we haul the debris away. Moreover, we offer ground restoration service that can help you to regenerate the land that the pool stood on. This is particularly useful for those who place their above ground pools on grass.

Inground Swimming Pool Demolition

This is where things get a little more complicated. Inground pools often have foundations and use concrete in their construction. This creates more issues when demolishing them.

Our pool demolition team will still carry out the same basic service. We’ll discuss your requirements and create the plan for you. However, you’ll also have a choice between partial and complete demolition with an inground pool.

  • Partial: This is the less expensive of the two options. We complete the demolition work on the pool, but we leave the debris in the hole that the demolition creates. We then cover this debris with dirt and level the land out. You can still walk on the ground above the debris. However, there will be limits placed on what you can put on or build into the ground where the pool once was.
  • Complete: With this service, we complete the demolition work and then haul all of the materials away. This creates an empty hole, which we then fill with dirt. Our team will also grade your land, which tells you exactly how you can use it. Typically, clients choose a complete swimming pool removal service when they want to build something new on the land. However, this more involved process does come at a higher cost.

On top of all of this, we’ll also help you to ensure your pool demolition meets any local regulations or bylaws that apply to your pool.

If you need a complete pool demolition service, get in touch with the Murray Demolition team today. One of our customer advisors will happily help you to figure out which of our swimming pool removal services you need.