Our Concrete Demolition Cost per Square Foot

Most buildings and structures use concrete. In fact, concrete is the world’s most used substance, barring water.

Naturally, this means that you’re likely to come across it with practically every demolition project that you have to handle.

This means that you need an experienced team that understands the challenges that concrete presents. Moreover, you need a team that can use a variety of techniques, while offering a consistent rate for the concrete demolition cost per square foot.

Murray Demolition can do just that for clients throughout Chicago. Before we get to our concrete demolition cost per square foot, let’s look at the various techniques that we can use to demolish concrete.

Our Techniques

The technique we use to demolish your concrete usually depends on the scope and scale of the job, as well as your own preferences.

Here’s an overview of the options available to you.


This is a manual demolition method that uses either a thermic lance or water jets. In both cases the demolition creates the minimum amount of noise and debris. It’s perhaps the most accurate type of concrete demolition available.

Water jetting ensures there are few safety hazards, particularly in regard to fire. It can handle both straight and curved cutting, but it does require the use of some form of water catching mechanism. It also uses a lot of water, which some may see as a waste.

Thermic lances use heat to slice through concrete. Of course, this means that any nearby gas mains must be turned off. It’s ideal for cutting concrete that the builders have reinforced with steel.

Pressure Bursting

This is another method of demolishing concrete with as little dust and noise as possible.

It’s a fairly simple process. We drill into strategic locations in the concrete. These holes weaken the concrete’s structure, ready for us to apply the pressure that demolishes the material.

We have tools to do this mechanically, though we can also use chemical bursting techniques. The latter create less mess and noise, thus offering more control over the demolition.

Ball and Crane

A tried and tested concrete demolition technique, the ball and crane come in handy when demolishing large concrete structures.

It involves a crew member using a crane to swing a large wrecking ball that weighs thousands of pounds into the concrete structure. The impact breaks up the concrete, though it often struggles to handle rebar and similar materials.

This technique requires expertise and special equipment.

Controlled Explosives

Most people associate explosives with the controlled demolition of high-rise buildings. While they’re certainly used for this, you can also use controlled explosives to deal with other concrete structures.

This is one of the fastest and most versatile methods of demolishing concrete. However, it’s also the noisiest and the one that’s most likely to have a negative environmental impact. Correct management of the explosives minimizes these problems.

Our Concrete Demolition Cost per Square Foot

The rate we charge depends on the method that we use.

This means that our rate varies between $9.22 and $11.21 per square foot of concrete slab.

Get in touch with the Murray Demolition team today to find out how much it will cost to demolish your concrete structure.