Our Interior Demolition Cost

Demolition doesn’t have to involve the complete destruction of a structure. In fact, you’ll often find that the building itself is perfectly suitable for use. You just need to figure out a way to repurpose it so that it suits the needs of you or your clients.

Residential building owners often have different concerns. They may want to keep their homes intact, while demolishing some aspect of them. For example, they may need to make way for a renovation or they may want to get rid of some walls to expand their space.

Such jobs are classed as interior demolition and they require a different set of tools and skills to structural demolition.

We offer a range of interior demolition services for both commercial and residential clients.

What is Interior Demolition?

Interior demolition is a term used to describe any demolition work that keeps a building’s structure in place while repurposing the interior.

Typically, people use this form of demolition when they’re carrying out renovations or restructuring. For example, you may require interior demolition to get rid of an old kitchen to make way for a new one. Or, you may use it to completely change an office floor plan.

Interior demolition is a blanket term that covers the following jobs, among many others:

  • Interior wall removal
  • Flooring demolition
  • Ceiling removal
  • Selective structural demolition

The interior demolition cost tends to be much lower than the cost of demolishing an entire structure. This is because the work generates less waste and also doesn’t require such complicated tools.

As a result, many commercial and residential clients use our interior demolition service when they want to retain their buildings while making changes to them.

Our Service

When you contact Murray Demolition, our first step is to send a technician to your location. They’ll discuss the scale of the work, which includes what you need to demolish and anything that you may need to do to prepare the building for later construction work.

They’ll also inspect the building with the aim of finding any structural issues that could make the job more difficult.

After gathering the relevant information, they’ll provide you with a quote based on your requirements.

If you ask us to complete the work, we’ll schedule dates and arrange for any relevant permits. Then, we send a team over to complete the demolition. This team will also coordinate with any construction crews as needed.

For commercial clients, interior demolition doesn’t always require the complete shutting down of a business. We can often complete the work while the rest of the people get on with their work. This depends on the scale of the project.

Upon completion of the demolition, our hauling team will remove any debris that’s left behind.

Our Interior Demolition Cost Per Square Foot

Unlike many other demolition contractors, we want to be as transparent as possible about our interior demolition costs.

We charge a rate that falls between $0.73 and $1.07 per square foot of interior demolition work.

So if you want to keep your interior demolition cost down while working with an experienced team, get in touch with us today.