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Murray Demolition Services In Melrose Park

Are you looking for demolition experts in Melrose Park? Keep your costs under control and work with a local contractor. Murray Demolition has the necessary knowledge and crew to help you meet the local requirements for your project. Allow our team deal with everything you need when it comes to site preparation, project execution, obtaining permits, and cleanup services.

Do you need to get rid of a small building? Or do you need a complete demolition? Murray Demolition will meet your requirements and offer you professional demolition services in Melrose Park. Our team will offer you personalized services and dedicate to understand your needs.

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Since we created our business, we concentrated our efforts on setting ourselves apart from any other company in the field. We are proud to provide quality services and efficient customer service to our clients. No job is too big or small for us! We treat each project equally, with professionalism and dedication.

Murray Demolition has built its reputation on being one of the leading demolition experts in Melrose Park. Why contact an external contractor who does not know the local market? Let us handle the works and hire us as your local contractor.

We pay attention to all the details while carrying out your demolition project. Our team knows that this is the beginning of a new project. This is why we put all our efforts into preparing the space following your requirements. From obtaining the first permits to the demolition services and cleanup works, we understand that with our work, we are clearing the path for your new construction.

Murray Demolition services in Melrose Park

We take pride in our crew who can do a variety of qualified demolition works. Do you need demolition services for your commercial project or for a small building in Melrose Park? You can count on Murray Demolition for either option. Each project is a challenge for us and we are proud to have the necessary equipment to deliver each task without errors.

We can help you with a wide range demolition services:

  • Concrete small building demolition
  • Selective small building demolition
  • Complete small building demolition

If you need a selective or complete building demolition in Melrose Park, contact and hire Murray Demolition to get the work done for you. We will plan and manage your project efficiently and within the agreed timeframe. Our experienced professionals are ready to meet your needs. Call us today and tell us about your project!


asbestos safely removed and the hazards eliminated

Samples were taken throughout the building

seal off the affected areas and prep the site for asbestos removal

Indoor areas were sealed off so that negative air pressure could be maintained, effectively isolating the asbestos fibers and ensuring that they could not escape into the rest of the building

Specialized asbestos containment vacuums were used to trap and safely remove airborne particles or asbestos dust

The remaining asbestos was carefully lifted, sealed and removed for proper disposal.

licensed asbestos workers

- save removal

- hazards elimination

sitework for new construction.

clearing the site and installing several underground and above ground structures

prepare a stable and level foundation

we will provide you with a level base or the precise slope that you require for your project.

ensure a proper foundation for later development

soil remediation and sitework

contaminated soil service

quickly and efficiently remove the contaminated soil to allow construction to continue as planned.

oil, kerosene, solvents, pesticides, semi-volatile organic compounds (SVOC), phenols, nitrates and toxic metals


armed with an arsenal of modern cutting edge equipment

fleet of equipment

recycling of salvageable materials

recycling services for all construction materials including asphalt

In-house Project Management and Design Teams that are seasoned and experienced, with the ability to fast track and schedule out our projects

mitigating noise and dust concerns

Our professional team is equipped and trained to minimize the inconvenience to residential communities.

dust free requirement

For the safety of the community children and to contend with heavy traffic, the project demanded dust free demolition.

daily safety meetings at all of our construction sites, keeping our equipment up to date and well maintained, and making sure that our people properly trained.

enforcement of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) safety guidelines

We know it is important to constantly remind our employees about safe procedures, and to keep them informed about the work that will be going on each day.

Our employees are constantly trained in jobsite safety procedures, including the proper use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), equipment safety, restricted areas, clean working environments, energy safety and fall protection.

Our employees are trained and encouraged to speak out and resolve safety issues as soon as they arise.

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