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Rack Up Savings with Building Deconstruction

Eliminating and saving on construction waste made simple

Building deconstruction has become more and more popular considering the benefits it provide to the environment and property owner. The cost may be a bit more than demolition yet the eventual savings earned from the process makes it comparable or even lesser to the fees of demolishing a structure. For your deconstruction needs, Murray Demolition is the company to call.

We are the leading name in the industry with many years of successful service to the community. We have professional team members who will take care of your property with the best care possible. Murray Demolition has the skills, training and equipment to carry out the requirements of the job.

Deconstruction vs Demolition

Murray Building deconstruction
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Building deconstruction is the preferred property management by many local governments given the considerable reduction of waste after the structure is taken down. It involves a careful and painstaking process of removing and salvaging materials. These are methodically kept intact so they can be repurposed, reused, and recycled.

On the other hand, demolition is the typical tearing down of the structure. Sledgehammer, heavy machinery or even explosives are used to destroy or wreck a building or any part thereof. This leaves massive destruction and almost all of what remains are brought to the landfill.

Cost Efficiency

Materials salvaged from this type of building demolition are what evens out the cost or, to a certain extent, provides savings. The equation behind it is simple. The more materials saved means less disposal cost. The more materials repurposed, reused or recycled, the more you can save on cost to buy a new one or earning money from what was sold.

Most of the materials saved from deconstruction include windows, doors, metals, cabinets and masonry, structural wood, plumbing and lighting fixtures, and tiles. So even if the process is more labor intensive and costly, it is still cost efficient.

Effect on Project Schedule

Given the meticulous nature of building deconstruction, it is expected that doing it will take a little bit longer. Additional time needs to be allotted so it can be done. This might be a challenge to some specifically to those who have a tight project schedule. Nevertheless, property owners and contractors need to understand that deconstruction is more beneficial. It is economically favorable in the long run plus it is also environmentally advantageous.

Meanwhile, the emergence of new technologies has paved way for a more time saving effort. De-nailing guns, for example, makes the work faster.

Let Murray Demolition Handle the Deconstruction

The services of the Murray Demolition team are what you need in handling the building deconstruction for you. We have top of the line services that guarantee you get the value for your money. We will make sure every little thing capable of saving are taken care of. Our care for you and your property will assure you that no tear-outs, no matter how small, will happen.

We have been in the business for so many years. In all those years, we have received nothing but great reviews from the people we have worked with.

Call Murray Demolition today at 312-410-8314. Our operators are on standby to answer your inquiries.


asbestos safely removed and the hazards eliminated

Samples were taken throughout the building

seal off the affected areas and prep the site for asbestos removal

Indoor areas were sealed off so that negative air pressure could be maintained, effectively isolating the asbestos fibers and ensuring that they could not escape into the rest of the building

Specialized asbestos containment vacuums were used to trap and safely remove airborne particles or asbestos dust

The remaining asbestos was carefully lifted, sealed and removed for proper disposal.

licensed asbestos workers

- save removal

- hazards elimination

sitework for new construction.

clearing the site and installing several underground and above ground structures

prepare a stable and level foundation

we will provide you with a level base or the precise slope that you require for your project.

ensure a proper foundation for later development

soil remediation and sitework

contaminated soil service

quickly and efficiently remove the contaminated soil to allow construction to continue as planned.

oil, kerosene, solvents, pesticides, semi-volatile organic compounds (SVOC), phenols, nitrates and toxic metals


armed with an arsenal of modern cutting edge equipment

fleet of equipment

recycling of salvageable materials

recycling services for all construction materials including asphalt

In-house Project Management and Design Teams that are seasoned and experienced, with the ability to fast track and schedule out our projects

mitigating noise and dust concerns

Our professional team is equipped and trained to minimize the inconvenience to residential communities.

dust free requirement

For the safety of the community children and to contend with heavy traffic, the project demanded dust free demolition.

daily safety meetings at all of our construction sites, keeping our equipment up to date and well maintained, and making sure that our people properly trained.

enforcement of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) safety guidelines

We know it is important to constantly remind our employees about safe procedures, and to keep them informed about the work that will be going on each day.

Our employees are constantly trained in jobsite safety procedures, including the proper use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), equipment safety, restricted areas, clean working environments, energy safety and fall protection.

Our employees are trained and encouraged to speak out and resolve safety issues as soon as they arise.

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