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Radio Building Demolition Services

The increasing popularity of cable and satellite systems have made many old radio buildings and towers obsolete. This means that many radio building owners wish to upgrade or change the purpose of their building.

If that’s the case for you, then you need a radio building demolition service that’s up to the unique challenge that such structures present.

That’s where the team at Murray Demolition can help. Leveraging years of experience demolishing structures of all shapes and sizes, we can help you with any radio building demolition. We can also work to tight time constraints and will handle all of the waste removal issues that come as a result of the demolition work.

Steel Tower and Building Demolition

Many radio buildings have steel towers that require specialized demolition methods. In most cases, we’ll use controlled explosives to deal with the tower’s anchor plates and the main supporting legs. This weakens the structure while leaving it with enough stability to allow for us to maintain full control over the tower as it falls.

Many radio towers and buildings also require the use of blasting systems that use no electricity. This ensures that no accidental blasting cap initiation occurs during the demolition process.

As for radio buildings, we primarily offer a controlled implosion service that fells the building without presenting a risk to the surrounding area. This involves the use of explosives at certain structural points within the building, allowing us to fell the building with the push of a button.

Our Service

Radio Building Demolition projects
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We take pride in the fact that we work with you through every stage of your radio building demolition.

Here’s what you can expect from the team at Murray Demolition:

  • One of our technicians will visit the site to conduct an inspection and discuss the demolition work with you. We’ll make note of any challenges that the work presents and present you with several demolition options. We’ll also give you a quote for the work and agree upon the basics relating to the demolition.
  • The team will get to work on making the preparations needed for the demolition. As well as planning the demolition itself, we’ll also get in touch with the relevant local and state authorities. This ensures that the demolition meets all of the required regulations, plus we’ll help you to acquire any permits needed for the demolition. During this phase, we’ll also be able to create a more detailed timetable for the work.
  • With the timetable in place, our team will begin working at the site to prepare for the demolition. If you’ve elected for the use of controlled explosives, this involves finding the relevant structural points to place the explosives.
  • With the preparations completed, we initiate the destruction work. Of course, we won’t leave you with all of the rubble that comes from the demolition. Our hauling service clears all of the debris from the site, leaving it fresh for you to work with once the demolition concludes.

Radio building demolition comes with several unexpected challenges, so you need a team that’s up to the task. Get in touch with Murray Demolition today and we’ll help you to demolish your old radio building.

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