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New beginnings start with Murray Demolition!

Murray Demolition is aspiring to establish a new standard of excellence in Wheeling. Each client is very important to us and we want to offer them a distinct experience. We are ready to prove that our reputation for being considered the number one Wheeling demolition contractor is well deserved.

What differentiates Murray Demolition from our competitors?

It is very difficult to become a leading demolition expert, but it is even more difficult to keep this position for years on end. We strive to become better every day. Our team of qualified technicians is ready to take on new projects and meet our clients’ requirements.

Do you want to start a new construction project, but you need first to tear down an old building? You don’t know which permits are necessary before you start the demolition process? How about clean up? Will you have to hire a different contractor? Too many questions, isn’t it?

Murray Demolition will offer you all-inclusive services. Our local experience enables us to offer tailored services for your needs. We can prepare the permits checklist and act as your representative to obtain them. What is more, we will take care of disconnecting the utilities, making sure no unfortunate event that might ask for additional costs from your side happens.

Look no further than Murray Demolition!

Even though the demolition process might seem straightforward, each project is different in reality. Our fully trained professionals are always at your disposal to offer first-hand knowledge and personalized solutions. For us, every challenge represents a new beginning. It is our chance to master new skills and develop efficient and modern demolition methods.

However, we don’t consider our work done unless we made sure we have protected the surrounding environment. We use modern equipment and demolition methods that enable us to produce minimal disruption and not harm the environment.

Our work focuses on three key priorities:

  • Complete work efficiently;
  • Protect the environment, our staff, and the community
  • Stay on the budget.

Our palette of services includes:

  • Interior small building demolition – our crew is qualified to perform manual and selective demolition methods without affecting the rest of the building.
  • Concrete small building demolition – we have become one of the leading Wheeling demolition experts thanks to our modern and top-notch equipment. Our team is able to handle any difficult demolition projects successfully.
  • Small building demolition of flat work – we are here to help you with foundations and footings demolitions.
  • Selective small building demolition – are you involved in a remodeling or renovation project? Murray Demolition will develop economical and efficient solutions to help you create the space you need for your ambitious project.
  • Complete building demolition – this is one of our favorite projects. We will take care of all the necessary works, from safely disconnecting the utilities to a complete cleanup once the demolition process is ready.

Contact Murray Demolition now to make space for your next construction project. You don’t need various contractors to obtain the necessary permits, do the demolition works, and clean up the place once everything is ready. Murray Demolition will do all these for you, and even more. Contact us now and let’s meet!

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