Commercial Demolition

Commercial Demolition

Wrecking a commercial building is a gigantic task that involves equally gigantic and important steps in order to have a safe and successful demolition. General contractors take on several processes before, during, and after demolition and these include:

  1. Getting permits before the demolition.
  2. Assessing the location and the building.
  3. Planning of the entire tear-down project while staying on the budget.
  4. Determining the commercial demolition costs.
  5. Ensuring everyone’s safety. This involves the demolition team and the neighbors.
  6. Identifying the condition of the materials whether they are toxic or dangerous.
  7. Preparing the machineries.
  8. Proper cleanup and disposal of toxic and hazardous materials.

With commercial demolition services, it’s very rare for us to encounter where the property is located in a remote area with nobody else around. That would make our jobs easier, for sure.

commercial demolition projects

However, we do like the challenge of solving an equation that may seem impossible for some. For instance, how do you demolish a grocery store right in a busy business district?

The challenge here is to make sure the pedestrians and motorists are safe, the tenants of the adjacent buildings won’t complain about all that noise, and how to fit in large machinery without causing too much traffic in an already busy street?

While others may decline to take on the project, a reliable demolition contractor loves the tight spaces.  

We, at Murray Demolition, are a homegrown wrecking company, which means we know all the intersection, artery, and routes of the city. This allows us to invest in precision machinery and equipment that enable us to navigate through all the narrow alleyways and street.

Literally, there’s no problem associated with commercial demolition that we don’t have an answer to.

But that’s getting ahead of ourselves.

It’s All About the Paperwork

The demolition industry is a highly regulated sector. Each of the actions should be methodical.

Doing it Right

When a commercial building is right smack in a middle of a densely populated block, it takes almost the meticulousness of a surgeon in order to do it right. While each project is unique, the regulations are not. Everything should be legal. All the permits should be properly signed, and all the documents duly stamped.

Evaluating the location and the building may take hours or days, depending on the complexity of the job involved. There’s no rushing this process because whatever comes out of our report will be crucial on how we will proceed next with the commercial demolition.

It is at this point where we encourage you to share your input. You can rest assured that we take your opinion very seriously. This is also one way to prevent future problems from cropping up and making sure the commercial demolition proceeds smoothly.

What Are the Examples of Commercial Demolition?

  1. Tearing down a 4-story hospital

Multiple-story structures require a large demolition team. It took a lot of planning with our engineers and the client to make sure the building demolition was completed without a hitch. With the agreement of the client, we helped recycle and reuse about 80% of the materials so they won’t end up as waste in the landfill.

  1. 10-Story Boutique Hotel

With this one, the challenge was that the hotel was located at the corner of a busy intersection. The challenge for the demolition company is how to get our heavy machinery to tear down the structure with very minimal disruption. We have to work with the city to ensure traffic mitigation, dust and noise alleviation. Most of the demolished concrete was crushed on site, which was then reused by the contractor.

  1. Demolishing a mothballed retail center

This one presents another challenge in the sense that the retail mall has been non-operational for many years. We had to carefully plan and check the foundations because one wrong move would have endangered the lives of our workers. We also had to make sure there were no toxic chemicals and gases that have remained dormant but still quite dangerous. The project went without a hitch, and that’s what careful planning does.

  1. 5-Story Apartment

This one is quite standard but significant because the owner was given an environmental and traffic impact report so he saved a lot on costs, especially after heeding our recommendations. Also, we should point out that all our job sites comply with the strictest standards set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

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Do you know that tearing down a commercial property needs a demolition permit from the city? What most people don’t know is that a demolished property may have serious consequences to the real property value of the area. This is why the city doesn’t take it lightly.

However, we can help you navigate through all the complex world of the bureaucracy. Nobody likes paperwork. But it’s kinda what we do and we are quite good at it. If you encounter some hurdles regarding your commercial demolition project, talk to us. We know what to do.

For all your commercial and industrial demolition needs, Murray Demolition should be on your speed dial. Our customer representatives are always waiting for your call at our hotline at 312-410-8314. No question is off limits and requests for free quotations are always welcome. Call us today!

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