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Small Building Demolition

Even Small Jobs Need Experts

It’s easy to think that a small building demolition job will be a cinch and therefore not take appropriate caution. At Murray Demolition we take every job seriously no matter the size.  We are aware that similar hazards exist on all projects. Adequate preparation is important in all cases.

When you hire us for a job we treat it in the same manner we do our bigger projects.

The Four Promises That Murray Demolition Makes To You

Comprehensive small building demolition services
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We give you the best staff members: All our workers are adequately trained to respond professionally. They aren’t more cordial to those with a bigger pay check. They work diligently on all projects. The fact that they have worked on different projects is a plus because they are versatile thinkers who always have a solution handy.

We provide top-tier equipment: We won’t parcel out our old equipment just because you have smaller needs. We will give you the best equipment that will get the job done.

We use the same process to ensure quality control and environmental consciousness: This isn’t an opportunity to play around with regulations because the impact will be harder to assess. It doesn’t work like that. The environmental damage caused by carelessness is significant regardless of the size of the project.

We are demolition experts. We have worked on industrial, commercial and residential jobs. Nothing fazes us. We are committed to quality. That’s why we have had longevity in the industry.

Murray Demolition’s Provides Comprehensive Small Building Demolition Services

We will handle the entire process for you. We will liaise with authorities to get all the required paperwork to undertake the project. Like we said we follow a strict procedure regardless of the size of the project.

We survey the building to get a picture of the work we need to do. This will give us an overview of the complexity of the project and required equipment. At the same time we will get to know the type of materials that make up the building and the methods we will need to use.

Murray Demolition will develop and implement a hazardous materials removal plan if need be. At the same time we will put in place dust control systems.

With a detailed plan that covers safety measures and quality controls we will put the plan into operation. The small building demolition plan will also take into consideration whether to use explosive or non-explosive method or to use a mix of both at different stages of the demolition.

Let Murray Demolition Handle Your Small Building Demolition

Murray Demolition is a dead-on fit for your small building demolition needs. We have the capacity in terms of talent, equipment and industry work experience. We will do a comprehensive job for you from building strip down to site restoration. You can depend on us.

Make a call to 312-410-8314 and talk to Murray Demolition experts about your small building demolition requirements.

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