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Old Building Demolition

Murray Demolition Employs a Delicate Hand

Old building demolition is one of Murray Demolition’s expert areas. We take pride that we can do the job safely and with loads of panache. If you have an old building that you want removed, Murray Demolition has the experience to carry out this delicate task.

Pulling down an old structure is an intricate exercise. You don’t just set explosives and press a button and pat each other on the back for a job well done. You want a company that will appreciate your needs. Murray Demolition has decades of experience working on demolition of different types of buildings.

Old buildings can be a fire hazard or they can be an impediment to expansion goals. Whatever the reason for demolition we are ready and equipped to provide the service without causing damage to nearby structures.

How Do We Do This?

Old Building Demolition with Murray Demolition
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As a result of our track record in the industry we have developed pioneering techniques that allow us to dismantle buildings and at the same time save some materials for reuse or recycling.

In order to do our work efficiently we will first have a discussion with you and then go on-site to get more detail about what you want us to do. During the surveying period we will take note of the building’s location in relation to other structures. We will also get an idea of how we will place our equipment and the type of rigging we will need for the operation.

Using the information we have gathered we will put it together in a complete plan that we will give to the authorities as we seek permits and licenses to carry out the work. When we are given the green light we will them move to remove hazardous materials and package it safely so that it can be disposed of in an appropriate manner. Also we will make sure that dust control measures have been instituted so that workers and the public do not become unwitting victims.

The next stage of an old building demolition will be to strip the building to recover salvageable materials like doors, windows, electrical fittings, wooden boards, steel and other fittings. This salvaged materials will be placed at a pre-selected site so that it doesn’t become a hazard on the work area.

Murray Demolition technicians will then bring the structure in a controlled manner. At all times making certain that the workers and the public in the vicinity are protected. When the process of old building demolition has been completed we will begin the clean-up and site restoration process. If there is need for land remediation we will do it so that you can reuse the space securely.

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It’s possible to do an old building demolition without causing ruinous damage. You need to plan appropriately and use the right people with the right tools. Pay us a visit and talk to our team of experts. They will give you a complete plan that covers timelines, processes and budget.

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