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Non Explosive Concrete Demolition

Explosive isn’t a Synonym for Demolition

You don’t have to be stressed about where your building is placed or about the rock that’s proving to be an impediment to your site expansion plans. We have the solution to get you out of the fix. It’s hardly a fix when you consider using our non-explosive concrete demolition.

You don’t need explosives for every demolition job. Most people assume that for a demolition to be a demolition there’s a need for a kaboom. It doesn’t have to be that way. Murray Demolition is a master of non-explosive concrete demolition.

Non-explosive concrete demolition is a process that relies on chemical agents to safety remove concrete and rock during the demolition process. This is a viable alternative to explosives especially in situations where there’s a high risk of injury posed by explosives or where vibrations caused by explosives could damage nearby structures.

Why You Should Consider Our Non-Explosive Concrete Methods

The advantages of non-explosive concrete demolition are:

  • The process is silent
  • They are safer than explosives
  • \It’s an environmentally friendly process
  • They lower costs and reduces the insurance premiums on projects
  • You don’t have to go through the process of acquiring blasting permits
  • You can remove concrete slabs and reuse them for other purposes with minimal damage.

What Methods Do We Use For Non-Explosive Concrete Demolition?

There are chemical agents that we use like buster or we use hydrodemolition to carry out the job. Both these methods offer you versatility and options that you don’t get when you are using traditional methods like jackhammers and explosives.

This is just an example of why you should choose us for your projects. We are committed to making sure that people and the environment don’t suffer from the effects of demolition.

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Non explosive concrete methods
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Murray Demolition has qualified technicians that can carry out the non-explosive concrete demolition with ease. Also we have done it countless times on different projects so you can trust we know what we are talking about. You are welcome to come into our offices and see our portfolio or take a look at our website here.

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