Industrial Demolition

Industrial Demolition Services

How do you differentiate industrial demolition from commercial and residential demolition? When do you know to call in industrial demolition experts?  The simple description would be the total or selective destruction of properties located in an industrial area.
Industrial demolition experts

If your property is:

  • An abandoned factory
  • A Mothballed plant
  • A non-operational silo
  • A treatment facility
  • A power plant
  • A manufacturing plant

With a city as dense as Chicago, industrial sites are not an island unto themselves. Sometimes they are erected in a densely populated location, which makes the demolition quite challenging.

How do demolition contractors make sure neighbors are protected from the health risks of hazardous substances, dust, and noise pollution while still making sure that we complete the project at the appointed time?


Industrial demolition is a treacherous slope that needs both the proficiency and experience of technical engineers that know their stuff.

Unlike with residential demolition where you can probably get away with manually tearing down your house even without professional services, this is a hazardous job that can go sideways without warning.


A large part of our work is preparation. Although some of our clients may not appreciate the value of groundwork, it’s a course of action that we can’t afford to skip. In fact, a significant portion of our work involves a lot of assessment, inspection, and evaluation.

Search for Potential Hazards

We will deploy a team to your area to conduct a thorough scrutiny of the property. They will look not only at the structure itself but also all the potential hazards that could endanger not just our workers but also our clients, as well.

For instance, the presence of asbestos, lead, mercury, and other toxic chemicals are quite common in industrial sites. We need to make sure they don’t pose any health risks before we work on the property. We clear the area first before we bring in the heavy machinery.

Checking Our Checklist

Our team has a checklist of things to do. We insist on this checklist on all our projects. They will then report back to us and share their findings and recommendations. The report will be subjected to a review before being given the go-ahead.

It’s not as cinematic as bringing in explosives and blasting away. Sure, explosives may just be an option but there are other alternatives, as well.


Industrial and commercial demolition involves the use of concrete cranes, crushers, excavators, processing shears, and other heavy machinery. One advantage of owning all our gears and equipment is that we don’t sub-contract this part of the project.

Our heavy equipment operators are also direct hires. In that way, we control all aspects of the industrial demolition. This is the only way to ensure the highest quality control in all our contracts. In this business, it’s all about who has the track record for safety at the workplace, for completing a project within the specified deadline, which has the flexibility to work in all range of budgets, and who has the know-how to solve the trickiest of challenges.

Some of the equipment we use are:

  • Pulverizer. This is used to break up hard and solid concrete.
  • Cutters and Breakers. Cutters are used to slice bars and steel; while breakers separate the materials.
  • Excavators. We have different excavators depending on the weight and function. This machine plays the role of a gargantuan shovel that digs trenches and holes, mulch, removal of debris.
  • Wrecking ball. Using a crane, this equipment is a massive steel ball used to crash buildings.
  • Explosives. We use explosives in a safe and carefully planned manner. Explosives are used to pre-weaken the building.


What you need to understand is that the method of industrial demolition requires a surgical precision. One wrong move can have serious repercussions. Take it from us. We’ve been one of the premier demolition service providers in Chicago for more than 20 years now.

During that span, we always make sure to upgrade the skills of our contractors so their proficiency is on par, if not better, with their peers. All our workers have the necessary certification and authority to practice in the state. That’s your stamp of guarantee that they know what they are talking about.

Murray Demolition is duly licensed and certified by Chicago. When hiring demolition services, you should always insist to see the business permit and the certification. This is also your legal protection in case something goes wrong in the industrial demolition project.

If you are curious about the answer, call us today. We will gladly discuss your project with you. At Murray Development, it’s all about customer satisfaction. Contact our number at 312-410-8314 today and we will give you a free quote for our service. Join the other customers who have been satisfied with our service. There’s no job that is too big or too small that we can’t handle.

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