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Controlled Demolition

Controlled Demolition Work in Chicago

If you have a large building to demolish, you can’t rely on manual demolition to get the job done. There’s only so much that a team of contractors with sledgehammers can do when confronted with a high-rise building. And the old crane and ball method takes a lot of time and effort.

Safety is also a huge concern. How do you demolish a huge building without placing everybody nearby at risk?

A controlled demolition is the answer.

We offer controlled demolition services throughout Chicago. Leveraging years of experience in the sector, our team will help you to demolish buildings safely and leave the site ready for whatever new projects that you have in mind.

What is Controlled Demolition?

Controlled demolition involves the safe use of explosives to demolish a building in a matter of minutes. It saves an enormous amount of manual labor and it is the best technique to use for large and high-rise buildings that would otherwise present unsafe demolition conditions to an on-site crew.

It involves rigging explosives at key points in the building’s structure. A team then detonates these explosives via remote, usually creating an implosion that pulls the structure inwards and downwards. With a controlled explosion, there won’t be any debris that flies away from the building and causes harm to those nearby.

So, why is this service ideal for larger buildings? Here are a few of the reasons:

  • The use of a remote control allows everybody involved to stay a safe distance away from the demolition site. Moreover, it ensures that the crew doesn’t have to use power tools that could cause injury over the long term.
  • It’s capable of demolishing thick concrete structures in a very short period of time.
  • Controlled demolition can make short work of even the most complex of demolition jobs, assuming the explosives are placed correctly.
  • It’s an extremely versatile form of demolition that can be used for practically any type of building.

Our Service

Controlled demolition services
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After contacting us about the work, we’ll send a technician down to examine the building. During this period, we’ll discuss your requirements with you and get an idea of the scope of the work. The technician will likely make notes about the building’s structure and will start to create a customized demolition plan to suit the building.

After providing a quote, we’ll get to work on more in-depth planning. Our aim is to ensure the safe demolition of the building, which often requires several site inspections. These allow us to ensure the correct placement of explosives to create the most efficient explosion possible.

We’ll also help you to handle all of the documentation that goes along with a controlled demolition. This usually involves coordinating the demolition with state and local entities, thus ensuring that there’s no danger presented to those in the surrounding area.

Our team then sets up the explosives and conducts the demolition. Of course, we don’t leave it at that. We provide a haulage service to remove all of the waste that results from the demolition.

If you need a controlled building demolition service in Chicago, Murray Demolition has the solution. Get in touch with our team today to get started.

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