Industrial Demolition in Ontario, CA

Industrial demolition requires expertise and specialized techniques.

Industrial demolition is a huge undertaking that entails a number of steps such as removing hazardous material and controlling dust and pollution. When you need industrial demolition services, call Murray Demolition.

Murray Demolition is one of the leading industrial demolition contractors. We manage all of the aspects of a demolition project. We offer a wide array of industrial demolition services like the following:

  • Hazardous Material Removal. Before starting a demolition project, our project managers and a team of experts inspect the site for hazardous material that must be removed first. Murray Demolition employees receive an ongoing training on how to handle a wide range of hazardous materials safely.  We do not only remove the chemicals, we also rehabilitate contaminated sites as well as chemical clean-ups after fires.
  • Dust Control. Demolishing a massive structure will result in an explosion of dust, which is a health hazard that will result in serious respiratory illnesses. Aside from dust, particles from asbestos, lead, fungus, and droppings are mixed in the air that will have an adverse effect one’s health when inhaled.

We Use Effective Techniques to Finish Our Industrial Demolition Jobs

Murray Demolition uses a wide array of techniques to finish the industrial demolition job while controlling dust, such as:

  • Workers wear protective gear against different elements.
  • Use wetting agents to contain dust
  • Wrap building in airtight enclosure to prevent dust from flying
  • Minimize dust with special equipment and techniques

Minimize air pollution – A demolition project can release a significant amount of contaminants and Murray Demolition developed various tactics, such as:

  • Construction barriers that will prevent contaminants from getting airborne
  • HVAC systems that will prevent circulation of dangerous agents
  • Vacuums with HEPA filters
  • Dust control techniques

Minimize construction debris – Demolition jobs produce a lot of wastes and, surprisingly, only 20 percent of these wastes are recycled, while the others end up in a landfill. Murray Demolition has a different approach to cleaning up construction debris. We salvage, sort, recycle, sell, and reuse all materials to divert waste from landfills.

Safety is Our #1 Priority!

Demolition is a risky job and we make sure that “safety comes first”. Murray Demolition employs only highly-skilled operators that maintain strict health and safety policies and procedures on the site. We begin our everyday work by checking the site and employees for safety concerns. We ensure that we complete the job with the least effects and disruption.

For Murray Demolition, there is no small or big industrial demolition job and we welcome all projects. Our team of experts will evaluate the safety hazards and will use special techniques and equipment to minimize waste and maximize safety.

When you work with Murray Demolition, you are guaranteed that your project is in capable hands. Call us at 312-410-8314 to know more about the services we offer!