The Factors That Determine Your Wall Demolition Cost

There are all sorts of reasons why you may need to demolish a wall.

Perhaps you’re undertaking a renovation project and the wall just gets in the way. Or, you’re building an extension and need to get rid of the wall to make way for the new structure.

Some people just want to demolish their walls so that they can create more space in their homes.

We’re here to help with a wall demolition service that doesn’t break the bank.

There’s no job that’s too small for the team at Murray Demolition. Whether it’s demolishing an entire house or demolishing just one wall, we apply the same standards of excellence and professionalism to every one of our clients.

What Determines Your Wall Demolition Cost?

Wall demolition isn’t always as simple as it may seem. While demolishing an exterior wall presents very few problems, you may have to deal with issues when demolishing an interior wall. For example, it becomes much more difficult to demolish a wall when it bears a load from above.

The following are the factors that we consider for every wall demolition:

  • Is the wall load bearing and, if so, what can we do about it. It’s not always impossible to demolish a load bearing wall. However, there will be times that the wall is so integral to the building’s structure that you can’t demolish it without compromising the building.
  • The ceiling plays a role in wall demolition. We have to figure out the materials used in both the wall and ceiling to ensure that pulling down the wall won’t also pull down the ceiling. Our technicians use scoring to ensure the wall demolition doesn’t have a negative effect elsewhere.
  • Any plumbing, gas lines, electrical cables, and HVAC systems that run through the wall need to be considered. We’ll discuss these with you and may also arrange for your suppliers to cut off power and gas to help us with the job. However, we can often handle these issues for you too.
  • Clearing up is just as important as demolishing the wall. It’s surprising to see just how much dust and debris a single wall can create. We’ll put plans in place to minimize the spread of dust in the property. Moreover, our hauling team will get rid of all of the debris that results from the demolition work.

There are also several factors that affect the cost of your wall demolition. These include the following:

  • Whether it’s a partition or load bearing wall.
  • The size of the wall.
  • The materials used to build the wall.
  • How much consideration we have to give to plumbing and other cabling.
  • Any difficulties that prevent us from using certain pieces of equipment.

Our Wall Demolition Cost Promise

Though several factors affect the overall cost of your wall demolition, we aim to be as transparent as possible with our pricing.

When you work with Murray Demolition, the cost of wall demolition will always fall between $4.58 and $6.10 per square foot. Contact one of our team members today to find out how we can help you to demolish your wall.