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Demolition Cost

The demolition cost of a project cannot just be measured in terms of the financial outlay you make. That will produce an incomplete picture and it will leave you feeling robbed. A clearer picture would be to consider factors such as the intended use of space created by the demolition work and the service delivery that the contractor has delivered.

The people at Murray Demolition are primed to deliver a service that will make you realize that you’re getting more than you bargained for. We produce first-class results. That’s why the name Murray Demolition is trusted in the community. The cost of demolition projects has never as beneficial as it is in the present age.

The Benefits of Going with Murray Demolition

As a contractor we take pride in the following:

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We have a skilled team of technicians who are equipped handle the most complicated jobs on industrial, commercial and residential properties. Even seemingly uncomplicated jobs like knocking down a brick wall can turn into a catastrophe if you use the wrong people or the wrong methods. When you put your money of the table you want to know that the contractor can deliver of the pledge they have made.

Murray Demolition has an enviable demolition fleet that consists of excavators, wrecking balls, articulated trucks and other state of the art equipment that helps reduce the demolition cost of your project. The machinery we use assists us to recover and process materials for recycling purposes. You can then sell or reuse this materials. This is a significant saving that will help the demolition to partly fund itself. That’s why we don’t just start knocking everything down or placing dynamite all over the building.

Our talented team will first talk to you and then survey the property to see what materials can be salvaged. At the same time they will take note of the hazardous materials and chemicals that need to be removed before embarking on a large scale demolition work. Without this exercise the demolition cost will be significantly higher because you’ll need to pay extra for damage done to the environment should there be chemical leakages and health issues arising from the demolition project.

These are Murray Demolition’s three promises when you hire us. You’ll get an efficient team with the skills and equipment to effectually and quickly carry out the project without great inconvenience to you and your neighbors.

There’s no reason why you shouldn’t work with us. We are waiting for your call. The number to get in touch with us is 312-410-8314. You can also get in touch with us through our website here.

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