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In Des Plaines there’s only one trusted company that outperforms all others in the demolition industry. We know that there are many contractors in Des Plaines offering demolition services. But the question is can they be trusted?  Demolition isn’t work that you can leave to anyone with a jack hammer or a bulldozer. It requires finesse and high levels of skill.

The company that has delivered outstanding services is Murray Demolition. From the beginning we have always insisted on delivering quality services and we have lived up to that promises.

We have an impeccable record that can be attested to by a number of clients we have worked with. We have provided Des Plains with Demolition services that are built on safety and customer satisfaction.

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Demolition is a process that you need to get right the first time. You don’t have the luxury of a do over as that could be costly financially, environmentally and in terms of human lives. In order to do it right you will need the following:

  • A good team. Over the years we have manage to put together a team that works well together. As a result of the cohesion we can boldly declare that we are the leading service provider in Des Plaines for demolition services.
  • Quality equipment. We bring the appropriate tools to the job. We don’t just bring dynamite and start blowing things up. Each job requires specific tools. We have modern tools that enable us to safely and cost-effectively deliver projects. The great thing is that we own our on equipment and that is a plus for your wallet because you don’t get charged extra for rentals.
  • Eco-friendly process: You can have the best equipment and a great team but without a process that secures the environment and people it doesn’t matter. We design each demolition project with environmental concerns as a priority. Our demolition process is founded on safety, quality, cost-effectiveness and protecting the environment.
  • We have worked on different projects from the small to the biggest. That’s why we can vouch that our team is capable, our equipment reliable and our process environmentally conscious.

What else do you want to know?

What else do you want to know about the leading Des Plaines demolition company? Whether you are looking for more information about our comprehensive demolition services or you need us to come and have a look at your property. Get in touch with us on the following number 312-410-8314.

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